International UFO Congress Conference

Art Direction | Branding | Typography | Signage

The International UFO Congress Conference is an event that brings together believers and scientists to discuss theories, learn, and teach each other about what they know about UFOs and related topics such as aliens, abductions, and otherworldly phenomena. Sessions include lectures by guest speakers, discussion panels, a film festival, two dinner banquets, and a skywatch excursion to the South Mountain in Phoenix to look at the night sky. This conference is for anyone with an open mind to the unknown. Outlandish theories and ideas are welcome, as many UFO stories often seem to be.

The Challenge
The conference only has a logo currently, and no other brand identity. The logo itself is outdated and feels unprofessional. I intend to create a full branding system that fully connects the conference to the physical world and the International UFO Congress’ values and ideals.

The Solution
The International UFO Congress Conference’s new branding will highlight their unconventional take on things while maintaining a polished appearance. A new logo with bright and unexpected colors, typography inspired by Project Blue Book and classified files, and fuzzy back and white photo styles tie together to exemplify the themes and attitudes at this conference.

UFO primary, secondary logos and icon
UFO typography. high school USA sans, poller one, and knockout


UFO branded folder, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards

Conference Advertisements

UFO poster containing black and white picture and text advertising conference
UFO hanging banner

Wayfinding and Photo Backdrop

UFO Wayfinding and photo backdrop banners

ID Badges and Schedule

staff, speaker, and guest ID badges with conference schedule on back


UFO branded star chart wheel
UFO branded red light flashlight and green laser pointer
UFO glow in the dark frisbee disk
navy shirt with UFO logo on frocket
blue shirt with UFO logo on frocket
green shirt with UFO logo on frocket
two field notes notebooks with a green pen
navy ufo branded tote bag
UFO enamel pin and card