kublai khan mongolian stirfry storefront

Kublai Khan Mongolian Stirfry

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Kublai Khan Mongolian Grill is a fast casual stirfry restaurant based in Houston, Texas. Customers come here for a quick and easy meal that is completely personalizable, so anyone can get exactly what they’re craving. Kublai Khan takes pride in providing a wide variety of flavors and high quality, fresh ingredients. The company values their customer relations and wants the customer to conquer their day the right way, with a meal that they’ll love to get them going. 

The Challenge
The current branding of the restaurant is only a very detailed logo that is difficult to resize and carry through multiple mediums. They do not currently have a cohesive branding system within the restaurant or the elements surrounding it. This project intends to refocus the company and highlight their strengths in order to build a more resilient and striking visual system that reflects their style.

The Solution
They need a more simplified and distinct logo so that they are recognizable within their market, a set of touchpoints to tie together the brand and the physical world, an established color palette and typography, and a more modern web presence. These will help Kublai Khan look more intriguing to potential customers and solidifies the experience for current customers.

primary logo, secondary logo, and icon

Web and Mobile Screens

Web Page

Mobile Page

Storefront Redesign

kublai khan mongolian stirfry storefront


Food Packaging

Recipe Cards