Sojos Raw Pet Food

Art Direction | Branding | Packaging | UX/UI

Brianna McBee: Concept, Research, Branding, Website Design, Mobile Design, Packaging Design, Photography
Jack Parker: Concept, Research, Branding, App Design
Roy Resendez: Concept, Research, Branding, Logo Design, Advertising, Instagram
Jake Kropp: Concept, Research, Branding

Sojos is a freeze-dried raw pet food brand, with many products including complete raw meals, mixers, toppers, treats, and a few cat products. In 1985, they pioneered raw pet food when they developed a way to freeze-dry food to lock in beneficial nutrients from their farm-fresh ingredients. Ever since, Sojos remained a trusted pet food brand among health-conscious owners because of its ease of use and affordability.

The Challenge
After an initial brand audit, we determined Sojos needed a new logo and brand design, message and mission, stronger brand voice, social media, and online presence, consistent and recognizable packaging, and campaigns that convey a message about who they are and why you should choose them.

The Solution
Sojos’s strengths include being easy, down-to-earth, convenient, appetizing, healthy, affordable, focused on the consumer and their education, and their long history of raw products. The brand strategy was to update and modernize their current brand system to convey these strengths while maintaining strong differentiation in the raw pet food market.

Web and Mobile Screens

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Mobile Products Page

Sojos road to raw app screens

Food and Treat Packaging

dog food and treats

Advertising and Touchpoints

"it's time to get real" magazine ad
"i don't do kibble" billboard